Home News Laois County Council collects over €5 million in Property Tax in 2018

Laois County Council collects over €5 million in Property Tax in 2018

Property Tax

Laois County Council collected €5.1 million in Property Tax in 2018, Revenue has revealed.

This represents a €400,000 increase in comparison to the 2017 total.

30,700 properties were eligible to pay the tax in 2018, down from 30,900 in 2017, and Laois had one of the highest compliance rates in the country at 97.7%.

The increase in the amount collected relates to the amount of properties which have moved into the higher bands for paying the tax.

The €200,000 to €250,000 band increased by 0.1% (now 3.1%) while the €250,000 to €300,000 band went up by the same rate (now 1.1%).

In total, Revenue collected €482 million which includes approximately €2 million in Household Charge arrears.

With a continued high compliance rate of 97%, which is in line with previous years, the statistics show that the vast majority of property owners fully comply with their payment obligations.

The ways in which people pay this tax has also been revealed with the majority, 22.5%, choosing Direct Debit while 19.1% selected Credit Card.

Revenue is also reminding property owners who have not already paid, or made arrangements to pay their 2019 LPT liabilities, that Thursday January 10 is the LPT payment deadline to pay in full by debit/credit card, cheque or Annual Debit Authority (to be automatically debited from bank accounts on 21 March 2019).

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