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Checkout LowQuotes.ie – save money on life insurance, mortgage protection or review your pension

If you’re looking for life insurance, mortgage protection or want to review your pension the LowQuotes.iewho are based in Portlaoise, are well worth checking out.

Low Quotes provide a fully online experience, comparing every provider in Ireland (most sites just give you one result) and you can then continue to fill in your health application and sign your documents online.

“We know for sure that if people that have mortgages and they purchased the Mortgage Protection from the lender – we can 100% save them money,” says Adrian Morrin of LowQuotes.ie.

“Another thing we can help with is if someone has a personal pension and they haven’t reviewed it in a couple of years, it’s either A – Not going to provide them with what they’re expecting upon retirement. Or B – There is better fund options available now that they’re unaware of.

“Also if someone has changed their job, their pension hasn’t “went with them” and a lot of people just leave it there and forget about it.

“We can transfer that pension to their new employment or put it into a specified pension fund of their choice, free of charge.

“Our Pension advisors have 20+ years experience and know what fund options are best.”

You can check out LowQuotes.ie here. 

If someone buys a policy over €30 with LowQuotes, they will give a €30 One4All voucher. Also if they refer a friend, there is a “30 for 30” offer, where if they refer a friend and they buy a policy over €30, they will give the referee a €30 One4All voucher – this offer sticks infinitely.

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