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UPDATED: Suspected death from hypothermia

A man is believed to have died during the cold weather over the past few days.

It is suspected the man from Carlow may have died due to the freezing temperatures during the extreme weather event endured since early on Wednesday.

Details are still emerging about the circumstances, but Independent.ie reports that indications are that he may have suffered hypothermia.

They say he was found outside his property and later passed away at St Luke’s Hospital in Kilkenny.

Details are still emerging about but indications are that he may have suffer hypothermia.

Speaking about potential weather related deaths the chairman of the National Emergency Coordination Group, Sean Hogan, said there have been a number of fatalities in recent days but he can say whether they can be directly blamed on Storm Emma.

“We have been concerned from the beginning,” he said, adding that the call still stands for people to check up on vulnerable neighbours.

Taoiseach Leo Varadkar had recently predicted fatalities due to the adverse weather.

“I didn’t mean to cause any undue alarm, but it is a definite possibility in the days ahead, in the coming days as we gain access to homes in some of the areas that were cut off,” he said.


“We did have a number of fatalities in the last couple of days,” Mr Varadkar continued.

“It is not possible to say whether those unfortunate deaths would have happened anyway, but it is a possibility that they mightn’t have if it wasn’t for the weather.

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