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Laois mum left stranded in flooded council house since Monday


A Laois single mother has launched a public appeal to Laois County Council to repair a leak which has flooded her house since MONDAY.

Deidre Bergin from The Swan in Laois has been contacting Laois County Council since then but says that as of this evening, her pleas have fallen on deaf ears.

Ms Bergin, who is mum to two teenagers, felt that after days of getting nowhere, she was left with no option but to go public with what has happened to her.

Speaking to LaoisToday, she said: “I’m desperate. I’m a single mum living in a council house in The Swan and my house flooded last weekend.

“There is a leak coming from the tank in the hot press. I contacted Laois County Council first thing on Monday morning as the flood had spread to kitchen and sitting room with water coming out of my light fixture in the ceiling.

“I was told it would be marked urgent and someone would get back to me, it’s now Thursday late afternoon and I’ve had no-one out. I have no heating or water in the house since Monday.

“I contacted a plumber who looked at the tank and said the previous work was to be blamed. The house is destroyed which I will more than likely be left to repair myself.”

Deirdre revealed that she was in contact with Cllrs Pádraig Fleming and Ben Brennan.

She said that Cllr Ben Brennan called up to her house and took a look at the damage first hand and Deirdre says he was appalled.

She said: “I have two teenagers here and they cannot wash.

“The towels I have used to wipe up the water are gathering mould in the washing machine while the dishes are piling up in the sink.

“I can’t flush my toilet either. It really is dreadful the way we have been left.”

Deirdre also told of how she drove to Laois County Council offices in Portlaoise today but still could get no help.

She said: “I visited the council offices this morning and was told by phone call I was on a list and will be seen whenever they can get to me.

“They would not even send someone out to meet me and I had to turn around and come home.”

Deirdre also spoke to a local fire officer who told her that the damage that flooding like that would have done to her house is incredible.

He said that it would have turned her house into ‘death trap’.

Deirdre is pleading for the Council to help her.

She said: “I have nowhere else left to turn.

“I am calling on the Council to come out and fix this now.”

A senior Council figure confirmed to LaoisToday that they are aware of the issue but didn’t wish to comment any further.

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