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LaoisToday’s Top 25 Tweets of the Year for 2019

It’s fair to say that we have a knack for tweeting here in Laois so we decided to bring you our Top 25 Tweets of the Year.

There were too many to choose from so narrowing them down but we did our best.

Upon reflection, we forgot how many topics Twitter can cover and just how many opinions people have on pointless yet important topics.

We have quite a range of tweets here from a range of people which go from funny to wise to just a bit iconic.

So, without further adieu, here are our Top 25 Tweets from 2019!

24. Always trust your instincts

23. Every good love story starts with The Office

22. The back bone of our country. We will always #StandWithNurses 

21. It’s time to own it heading into the New Year. We do it and we’ll admit it.

20. There are facts and there are plain and simple home truths. 

19. Boyfriends of Instagram should be a college course. 

18. One of the most uncanny resemblances of the year. 

17. We couldn’t not put this in..just because. 

16. If you want to make a point, you have to be dramatic. End of story.

15. We’ve all made the same mistake but funny enough, you get used to it. 

14. If Dublin Bus can do it, so can you!

13. It’s not worth the risk..

12. A good life lesson

11. We miss it too

10. As you do like

9. Portlaoise isn’t that bad!!

8. This is simply a fact

7. If you need a hint, the Irish word for wet is ‘fliuch’

6. This still makes us laugh

5. Not only can this man hurl – he is also funny

4. We’re not sure either

3. Shockingly underrated Tweet

2. We are very proud of our hospital

1. The right mix of humour and seriousness is number one for this year!

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