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Moment in Time: Some great photos from Paddock NS in 2001

Paddock NS 5th class in February 2001

Look at these little faces from 20 years ago!

There’s just something nostalgic about looking at images from the past.

They allow you to remember that particular time in life and ponder how things have changed in the years since.

So with that in mind, this week’s ‘Moment in Time’ images are from February 2001.

Photographer Alf Harvey visited Paddock NS and these snaps will definitely have some people rolling back the years.

Paddock NS is situated at the foothills of the Slieve Bloom mountains.

It has been educating the children of the area since 1887 and continues to grow today.

You can’t beat old photos.

Junior infant Laura Campion at work with teacher Ms. Bernie Fitzpatrick at Paddock N.S.
Photo: Alf Harvey.
Maths, the favourite subject for 6th class, pictured here with principal and teacher Mr Sean Mullaney.
5th class, who love geography.
4th class.
3rd Class.
These pupils in 2nd class loved their time on the computers.
Busy in 2nd class, Eoin Phelan, Padraig Delaney, James Delaney and James Campion.
Photo: Alf Harvey.
1st Class at Paddock NS
Teacher Ms Bernie Fitzpatrick with most of the infant classes
Off home from school, senior infants Kyle Bonham and Maria Fitzpatrick.

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