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Plans in place to reduce O’Moore Park’s carbon footprint

O’Moore Park, the home of Laois GAA, is set to undergo a climate-friendly facelift, with plans in place to cut the stadium’s carbon footprint.

The Government’s Ireland 2040 Plan identified the town of Portlaoise as a national demonstration project for implementing sustainable and community driven urban renewal.

Portlaoise has been allocated funding to advance towards the status of ‘Low Carbon Town’ as part of the Ireland 2040 demonstration project.

As part of the project, O’Moore Park was identified as an area where Portlaoise could reduce the town’s collective carbon footprint.

As such Laois GAA has began putting plans in place to convert the floodlights and stadium lighting to LED.

The funding for these plans is already secured as part of the Green Stadium Initiative, and implementation is in progress.

It is estimated that these changes would result in reduction of 18 tons of greenhouse gas.

Financially, it is estimated that the initiative would lead to an annual saving of €12,000 per year in electricity costs.

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