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Call made for speed warning sign to be erected from the Portlaoise side of Portarlington

Speed Radar Sign

Fine Gael Councillor PJ Kelly has called for speed warning signs to be erected on the R419 Portlaoise Road into Portarlington.

Cllr Kelly says there has been several accidents and fatalities on the road over the years – with speed a key factor.

He called for the solar powered radar signs similar to what is between Ballybrittas and The Old Pound.

In response, Engineer Philip McVeigh said that a speed survey would be carried out on the R419.

He said: “This will assist in identifying the most appropriate location for speed radar installations on this road.”

Cllr Kelly said: “The radars are great because everyone notices them and they stand out.

“There are 28 houses along that road and they are fighting for this.

“They are hoping in time to develop a walking or cycling track which could link them to the town.”

In a separate motion, Cllr Kelly asked that the Council raise the footpath outside a residence on the Ballymorris Road.

Engineer McVeigh confirmed that these works would be carried out imminently.

While finally, Cllr Kelly called that a junction at Woodbrook Crossroads be improved.

He asked that two green bollards be erected to clearly mark the junction out.

Engineer McVeigh said Laois County Council would arrange for these to be erected as soon as possible.