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Portlaoise College TY girls eagerly embrace STEM Passport for Inclusion Program

In a significant stride towards promoting inclusivity and diversity in STEM, Transition Year (TY) girls from Portlaoise College have enthusiastically joined the STEM Passport for Inclusion program.

This groundbreaking initiative, championed by Dr. Katriona O’Sullivan of Maynooth University, supported by Science Foundation Ireland, the Department of Education, and Microsoft, has garnered attention for its commitment to empowering young women from DEIS schools in the realm of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics.

Embracing the Opportunities

The Portlaoise College TY girls have wholeheartedly embraced the STEM Passport for Inclusion program, recognising it as a unique opportunity to explore the vast world of STEM.

Excitement buzzes through the air as these young participants embark on a journey that promises not only education but also hands-on experiences, mentorship, and a chance to shape their future in the STEM landscape.

“We think it’s great,” said Aoife Morris, one of the Transition year girls participating in the programme.

“The STEM Passport for Inclusion program is like a key opening doors to a whole new world.

“Learning skills like coding and data analysis is challenging but so much fun.

“It feels empowering to know that we are part of a movement that encourages us to not just dream big but to actively pursue those dreams in STEM.”

Immersive Learning Experience:

The Portlaoise College TY girls are relishing the three full days of immersive education, splitting their time between their local community’s education hub and Microsoft Dream Space.

Engaging in assignments involving coding, computational thinking, and data analysis, these students are not merely absorbing theoretical knowledge but actively applying it practically.

Mentorship Magic:

The mentorship component of the program has struck a chord with the TY girls, offering them valuable insights into the day-to-day realities of high-status STEM careers.

Establishing connections with professionals in the field has ignited a sense of inspiration and purpose among these budding scientists and technologists.

Shaping Future Leaders:

Upon successfully completing the STEM Passport for Inclusion program, the Portlaoise College TY girls will not only graduate with a level 6 award but will also be equipped with 50 additional Leaving Cert points, providing a significant advantage when pursuing STEM courses in selected third-level institutions.

Compulsory Attendance, Commitment, and Achievements:

The TY girls from Portlaoise College understand the importance of commitment and active participation in the program.

With compulsory attendance on all three days and the submission of assignments as essential components for success, these young women are showcasing their dedication to excelling in STEM.

As Portlaoise College TY girls forge ahead in the STEM Passport for Inclusion program, they are not only shaping their individual futures but contributing to a more diverse and inclusive STEM community.

Their enthusiasm and belief in the program reflect the transformative potential it holds for the next generation of women in science and technology.

The journey has just begun, and these TY girls are poised to make a lasting impact on the STEM landscape.

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