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Local Councillor calls for review into ‘ongoing problems entering and exiting’ Portlaoise estate

A local County Councillor has called for a review of the entrance to Kylebrook Estate on the Abbeyleix Road and the “ongoing problems entering and exiting the estate.”

The motion, which received cross-party support, was raised by Labour Cllr Marie Tuohy at the February meeting of the Portlaoise Municipal District this week.

Cllr Tuohy said the junction as it currently stands “is just not workable.”

“There was a house fire in January in the estate, and the fire brigade had great difficulty when they attempted to get in.

“We all know, in an emergency situation, it’s seconds – much less minutes – that matter.”

Me James Dowling, Senior Executive Engineer said: “The junction at Kylebrook is designed and constructed in accordance with road design standards.

“An independent, third party, Stage 3 Road Safety Audit will be carried out on the Abbeyleix Road Enhancement Scheme.

“The bollard, immediately adjacent to the Kylebrook entrance, will be removed.”

There was full endorsement for Cllr Tuohy’s motion, with Sinn Fein Cllr Caroline Dwane Stanley saying she is “looking forward to seeing what will be in the audit.”

There was further support from Cllrs Barry Walsh, Willie Aird, and Catherine Fitzgerald.

Director of Services, Mr Simon Walton went on to explain that road markings and other works are yet to be completed and that these works will need to be finished before the aforementioned audit can begin.

Cllr Tuohy also called on the Council to “facilitate the removal of the green in Clonrooske View to allow for a one-way system for traffic in the estate in the interest of safety.”

Cllr Tuohy also called for the provision of additional parking spaces in the area, saying there is a “core group there who work very hard – they’re just looking for support.

Mr Wes Wilkinson, Senior Executive Engineer said:

“The Portlaoise Municipal District Office will liaise with Cllr Tuohy and the residents of Clonrooske View to examine the request with a view to making an application as appropriate for funding.”

The Labour Cllr concluded by calling on the Council to remark the pedestrian crossing near Brackens on the Strdabdlly Road and also the ramps along Summerhill Lane.

Mr Wilkinson said arrangements  will be made to carry out road marking works in the coming weeks.

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