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Important maintenance scheduled for Portlaoise Leisure Centre playground this summer

The Portlaoise Leisure Centre playground is scheduled for an aesthetic upgrade after a discussion at the March meeting of the Portlaoise Municipal District this week.

Fine Gael Cllr Thomasina Connell first raised the issue, calling for the Municipal District to “carry out maintenance at the Portlaoise Leisure Centre playground to include fence repairs, re-surfacing under the swings, slides and other equipment and carry out maintenance on the grass edges as required.”

In response, Ms Anne Marie Maher, Sport and Leisure Officer said:

“The Sport and Leisure Section have scheduled annual maintenance and repairs for all playgrounds from February to July 2024.

“Subject to weather conditions Portlaoise Leisure Centre’s maintenance and repair programme is scheduled for the week of April 15. The work will include surfacing and fencing works.”

Cllr Willie Aird added that there should be repairs to the green areas to allow for members of the public and local teams to use the facilities to play sport.

Cllr Connell also called for a reduced speed limit at the Rock of Dunamaise to 30kph “to reduce risk of further road accidents at this location.”

Mr James Dowling, Senior Executive Engineer explained that the Department of Transport are currently preparing legislation for changes to default speed limits across the country.

“Pending publication of these documents, it is premature to commence a speed limit review, noting that individual speed limit zones cannot be revised in isolation,” Mr Dowling said.

Cllr Connell concluded by calling for a stop sign at the junction on Lime Tree Avenue, Kilminchy and repairs to the speed ramps.

Mr Wes Wilkinson, Senior Executive Engineer said “the Portlaoise Municipal District office will examine these location at Lime Tree Avenue and will make arrangements to install signage and to carry out maintenance and repairs as required.”

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