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Calls for Good Friday to be made a public holiday for all workers

It causes confusion every year. Is Good Friday a working day? Who is off? Who is on? What’s open, what’s not?

The Labour Party are calling for the day to be made a public holiday for all workers.

“With Easter upon us, Labour is calling for Good Friday to be recognised as a public holiday for all workers across Ireland,” says Eoin Barry, a candidate for the party in this year’s Local Elections in the Graiguecullen-Portarlington Municipal District.

“While some employers treat Good Friday as a discretionary day off, the reality is that the majority of workers in industries such as retail, tourism and hospitality are denied this benefit.

“This discrepancy highlights a fundamental inequality in our society and underscores the urgent need for the government to intervene.

“It’s deeply unfair that some workers in Laois are granted a day off on Good Friday while others are not. This disparity not only highlights the unequal treatment of workers but also points to a government out of touch with the needs of many.

“Hard work deserves reward. Even if a worker is rostered to work on a public holiday, they are entitled to a benefit either by additional annual leave at another time or additional pay.”

Extra public holidays are just one way of improving life for workers in Ireland, added Mr Barry.

“The introduction of the new public holiday in February was welcome, but we need to look at work across the economy as a whole and ensure it’s fair for all.

“It’s time for action. Labour calls on the government to end the discretionary treatment of Good Friday by introducing it as a permanent public holiday for all workers. It’s a matter of fairness, equality, and respect for the hard work of every individual in Laois and beyond.”

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