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Portlaoise Institute launches new full-time SNA and Social Care course

Portlaoise Institute

Portlaoise Institute is excited to introduce its latest offering, a full-time one-year programme focusing on Social Studies and Special Needs Assisting.

It aims to increase awareness of the practical applications of social studies while also developing the skills and role of the Special Needs Assistant.

On completion of the course, graduates may to progress to a number of 3rd level courses or to progress to employment as a Special Needs Assistant (SNA).

Modules on the course include: Special Needs Assisting, Understanding Special Needs, Teamworking, Work Experience, Family Studies, Intellectual Disability Studies, Care Skills, Understanding Mental Health and Safety and Health.

These modules are tailored to provide students with a comprehensive understanding of social studies and special needs, as well as the necessary skills to excel in their future careers.

Keith McClearn, Principal of Portlaoise Institute said: “We are thrilled to launch our new fulltime Special Needs Assisting and Social Care course, which offers students an opportunity to gain valuable knowledge and skills in this rewarding field.

“With a focus on both theory and practice, this programme prepares students for success in various academic and professional pathways, including employment as a Special Needs Assistant.”

Registration for the SNA and Social Care course is now open. Online applications are accepted through the Portlaoise Institute website www.portlaoiseinstitute.ie

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