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In Pictures: Kites 4 Gaza Laois latest event held by Irish Palestine Solidarity Campaign

The people have Laois have once again come out to show their support for the people of Palestine in their ongoing struggle for survival.

The Laois branch of Irish Palestine Solidarity Campaign hosted a kite flying event on The Heath on Saturday, June 22

To coincide with World Refugee Day, the event was held locally and internationally in solidarity with Palestine and all displaced people to symbolise their lost freedom.

The event gathered a group of young and old kite flyers, who wished to show their continued support for the Palestinian people.

This follows other recent local events which included motorway “Bridgils” at Junction 15 and 17.

These are vigils held on motorway bridges to maximise visibility and continue awareness of the horrific acts being carried out by Israel and their allies.

The occupation of Palestine has been at the forefront of both news media and social media alike since the Hamas attacks on Israel escalated the conflict into a full-scale war.

Israel’s retaliation has been beyond comprehension and shows no signs of ending, with tens of thousands dead – approximately half of them children.

A further estimated 1.7 million people have been displaced according to the International Rescue Committee (IRC) and the Internal Displacement Monitoring Centre (IDMC).

The destruction and devastation carried out by Israel over the last nine months has finally begun to come under some scrutiny.

Recent UN inquiries have said Israel may have violated laws of war in Gaza, committing multiple war crimes, with the UN accusing the Israel of intentional attacks on civilians.

In spite of this, the USA, the EU and the UK continue to embolden Israel.

The accusations escalated last week, with UN reports accusing Israel of carrying out an ‘extermination campaign’ in Gaza.

You can read about similar upcoming local events on the Laois IPSC social media pages, including Facebook, Instagram and X (Twitter) pages.

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