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Call made for boundary fence to be repaired in Laois housing estate

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A call has been made for Laois County Council to repair a boundary fence that has fallen down in a Laois housing estate.

A resident in the Fairgreen area of Portlaoise contacted to LaoisToday to say that the knocking down of a fence in Carmody Way (as shown in the pictures below) has caused problem.

They say that people knocked this down ‘to create a runway to allow quicker access for them to the newly opened Tesco’.

The main cause of concern is increased foot-flow coming through Cloonrooske Abbey into Fairgreen via Carmody Way and Higgins Park.

While residents in the Gandon Close area have reported problems with their cars.

“They are coming through a vacant house at the back of Fairgreen,” a resident said.

“They broke down a wooden fence at the back of one of the houses and use the garden as a short-cut into Tesco from Clonrooske Abbey.

“The litter has started to accumulate on that new path.

“They are invading private property and we (the residents) need help.”

The resident said they have contacted Gardai and Laois County Council, but no action has yet been taken.

“We already escalated this to the council, but no action so far,” they said.

“I understand that the fences and boundaries of a estate were created given an urban planning, unfortunately that plan is not working anymore for us.”

Sinn Fein Councillor Caroline Dwane-Stanley has called on Laois County Council to fix the problem.

She said: “I went up there myself and witnessed children playing in the gap.

“Rubbish has accumulated there too so it is very important that it is cleared up.

“It is vital that boundaries between estates are maintained and I have asked Laois County Council to repair this.”

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