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Nigel Pearson: My five favourite low calorie treats

Calories in versus calories out is the most important element when it comes to fat loss, everything else – macros, supplements, training, sleep etc. – comes after this.

The bottom line is that if you eat excess calories (be it from veg, chicken, pizza, protein shakes or chocolate!) you will not lose body fat. Simple.

So today I’m back with my own favourite low calorie treats – things that I eat that will fit in with my calories and taste great.

If you’re counting macros you can easily scan your treat into your tracker (e.g. MyFitnessPal) in the morning and that way you’ve accounted for it and you can make it fit in with your daily calories. If having a small treat every day helps you stick to your calories/macros goals – then why not? You will still see results…so happy days!

5 – Mini trifles 

These mini trifles can be just the thing to hit that sweet craving. At 145 calories, they are not too hard on the macro front either! A handy thing to have in the fridge for those days when you just need something sweet.

4 – Jelly

These jellies are only 10 calories each. Great on their own or paired with something like Glenisk yogurt. Really can help curb a sweet craving if you’ve no major calories left.

3 – Aldi Whirlz

Another ice-cream option – a bit of a pattern here! 🙂 These come in at 49 calories each.

2 – Oppo ice-cream

A recent discovery of mine and if you’re an ice-cream lover then look no further. I bought the salted caramel flavour – it is 100% unreal! And I’ve heard good things about the other flavours too. For half a tub of the salted caramel ice-cream it was about 190 calories – compare that to something like Ben n’ Jerrys or the likes. Calories wise, Oppo, are a great option to have in the freezer.

1 – Curly Wurly

A favourite of mine coming in at only 115 calories. Especially good when they are kept in the fridge. You can easily fit this into your day if you fancy a chocolate treat at night. This definitely won’t break the calorie bank. In fact, I’ve been known to fit 2 of these into my macros /calories on any given day.

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