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Bob Flavin: Skoda Superb is probably the best car in the world

There are times when I think I’ve found the best car and it shoots into the number one slot of my Euromillions win.

Then reality strikes and I remember that the chances of winning the Euromillions are about the same as me flying to the Mars.

When you weigh up what makes a great car you’ll soon come to a few conclusions and speed has nothing to do with it.

It’s all about the feeling

Cars are the same as fashion unless you can afford the label then you’ll have to make do with Penny’s.

The thing is Penny’s clothes are now basically the same quality as the “designer brands” and for the most part look the same.

That’s where Skoda run in the game of Cars, they have been quietly working away in the background making some weird and wonderful cars (think Roomster) while at the same time learning all they could from the brands around them.

Being Superb is tough

Skoda set a rather hard task for itself by naming the car Superb because there really isn’t anywhere to go from that word, it now has to be Superb.

Fortunately for Skoda most people really like the Superb, it is very much the Taxi drivers favourite car and they tend to choose fairly wisely.

There’s a lot of leg room in the back as well as the front, it’s the comfort up front that I love because you could cross the whole of Europe at the wheel and still feel fresh at the other end.

The exterior styling has become sharper and more in keeping with the Skoda brand. There’s a lot of straight edges and if you pick the right colours you’ll soon see that the Superb can look really sporty especially in the Dragon skin colour.

The hardest part is calling the car Superb means that everything has to be just that. There’s no room for making something ordinary and the same applies to that “simply clever” tagline that Skoda use. So there’s an umbrella in the door, an ice scraper in the filler cap and a torch in the boot, I’ll try not to spoil the other surprises for you.

Skoda has come a long way

There was a time when Skoda was the joke but there are many car makers out there now who wish they were in the same position as the Czech brand, even Volkswagen are surprised how many cars Skoda are shifting because VW is losing market share to another brand in its own group.

Skoda is focussed on the Karoq and Kodiaq at the moment and that means there’s some room to negotiate on the price which starts at €27,500 but even at that you won’t find anything as big in the segment.

Check out the new Superb and Skoda range at Ballybrittas motors.

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