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Extension planned for Cuan Mhuire treatment centre

Cuan Mhuire Athy

Cuan Mhuire, the addiction treatment facility just outside Athy is planning to expand its treatment facilities for women.

It is seeking planning permission for the demolition of two houses in Cardington, and the construction of the addiction treatment facility in their place.

Being proposed is a 1,200 square-metre single-storey 40-bed Women’s Treatment Centre.

Also in the designs is a clothes drying shed. access roads, car parking and landscaping areas.

A decision is due from Kildare County Council on April 4.

The planning application involves: “The demolition of two semi-detached single storey dwellings and outbuildings; the construction of a single storey 40 Bed Women’s Treatment Centre (1,194m2), plant building (23m2) and open-sided clothes drying shed (28m2)”

The alterations of an existing vehicular entrance at the southern corner of the site is also planned including the alterations of an existing vehicular entrance to a pedestrian entrance on the western corner of the site.

Also included is the provision of on-site carparking; the provision of landscaping, including boundary treatments; and the provision of all other associated site excavation. infrastructural and site development works above and below ground

The development address is 1087 and 1088 Cardington.

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