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Laois dog the first victim of freezing weather

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A beloved Laois pet has become the first victim of the freezing temperatures.

According to Cara Resue Dogs, an owner discovered their dog dead at their back door.

The dog was being kept in an outdoor kennel but this proved to be insufficiently warm.

Lorraine McEvoy, Director with Laois–based Cara Rescue Dogs is advising that animals should be kept inside overnight.

Speaking to Midlands 103, she said: “From talking to people, it was an 18-month-old dog. A Labrador.

“This was the first winter most likely that the dog was out in the cold.

“And this dog just wasn’t ready of prepared for this weather. They had actually planned to bring the dog in when the snow came, but it doesn’t have to be snowing for it to be cold.

“So please bring your dogs and cats indoors for the week while the temperatures are so low.

“Bring them in just before you go to bed. And only let them back out again when things improve.”

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