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The internet reacts to Laois’s Hottest Men

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Over the past two weeks we have released our pick of the cream of the crop, Laois’s Top 30 Hottest Men.

Numbers 30 to 11 were released on Tuesday, August 7 while the illustrious top 10 were announced this Monday, August 13.

After the lists were announced, our Facebook, Instagram and Twitter feeds blew up simultaneously, it even made the 2FM Breakfast Show, where Bernard O’Shea spoke about coming ninth on the list.

The results suddenly became the talk of the day in homes across the county and further afield.

Some people were very impressed with the list.

While others weren’t too happy with the selections.

Facebook reacts 

We had a total of 173 comments on both list reveals, where even the famous 30 had their two cents on the selection.

Robin Foot may never be treated the same on the rugby pitch ever again.


Our greatest commentary by far was the absence of last year’s number 30 Brian Burnell on the list.

It was the land that did it Dan.

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