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In Pictures: Laois Marlins enjoy successful Kilkenny Spring Gala

Laois Marlins Swimming Club members were out in force on Easter Saturday at the Kilkenny Spring Gala.

This was a fun gala, and it focused on 50 metre and 100 metre length swims.

Due to this it attracted many of the younger Marlins members wanting to gain valuable competition experience, along with some of the older swimmers aiming to improve on their sprint times.

Kilkenny’s Galas also have another attraction with Laois Marlins Members, the Awesome Kilkenny Medals which seem to be coveted by all the members of the club.

There were 24 Club members attending the gala, 15 Girls and 9 Boys, taking part in over 85 individual swims.

Laois Marlins swimmers achieved 38 personal bests on the day, taking an impressive medal haul of 30 medals, comprising 8 Gold, 12 Silver and 10 Bronze.

A special mention to all the medal winners of the day, Nora Alastal, Eli Brophy, Sophie Igoe, Lena Kaminska, Katie O’Connor, Matthew O’Sullivan, Niamh Ryan, Ignat Samuchov, Ben Wall and Jessica Zhigulskaya.

Eli Brophy, Ethan Davy, Matthew O’Sullivan, Katie O’Connor, Lena Kaminska, Sadhbh Moore, Niamh Ryan
Matthew O’Sullivan
Sophie Igoe, Lena Kaminska, Jessica Zhigulskaya


Noah Murphy and Ignat Samuchov

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