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National championships honour for two friends from Laois Marlins swim club

The Irish Age division one swimming championships, otherwise known as the Irish national swimming championships, takes place at the end of July every year. 

This is a level five Gala which attracts elite swimmers from all over Ireland, Europe, United Kingdom, America and Canada.  

This year Laois Marlins swimming club had two of their own home grown swimmers who qualified for the Irish Nationals, Samuel Bourke-Carey and Kuba Krawczun. 

These two friends came up through swimming lessons together, joined Laois Marlins together, and in just a couple of short years, through their hard work and determination, along with the great coaching at Laois Marlins, have become two of the club’s elite swimmers. 

Unfortunately Kuba was unable to attend the Irish Nationals this year, so he is aiming to be there next year.

Samuel Bourke-Carey making his debut at the Irish Nationals qualified in two swims, 100m Breast Stroke and the 200m Breast Stroke. 

Samuel gave a strong performance on the first day, staying close to his personal best in 100m breast stroke.

On day two in the 200m breast stroke with super coaching and support from head coach Padraic Dolan, Samuel gave a fantastic performance to achieve a new personal best in 200m breast stroke, finishing 16th place overall in his age group.  

With the super performances and times that Laois Marlins swimmers achieved at the division 2 championships this year, Laois Marlins is looking to be well represented at next Year’s Irish National Swimming Championships.

Roll on Olympic Year 2020.

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