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Spate of objections to new Mountmellick housing

There is a spate of opposition after being lodged against plans to provide new housing in Mountmellick.

Dozens of objections have been made by other residents who oppose the provision of six modest social homes in the town.

The plans for the 2-bedroom maisonette style dwellings is being put forward by Laois County Council and has the support of the local authority’s senior management team.

However, the public consultation process has seen the proposal greeted with robust disapproval by other householders who live in the vicinity of the site for the suggested development.

Also registering opposition to the planned new houses is local councillor Paddy Bracken.

Cllr Bracken has cited parking spaces, road safety, the reduction of green area, bin space, the impact on the market value of other homes and that there is other vacant land available nearby, as the grounds for his opposition to the construction of these houses.

However, in a report outlining the need for the houses to addresses the acute shortage of homes in the locality and the necessity to provide such houses to meet local demand on the housing list, the proposed development has the backing of David O’ Hara, senior executive planner; Michael Rainey, the Director of Services for Housing and the Council’s Chief Executive, John Mulholland.

They have clearly set out their plans and basis for the 6-single-storey dwellings in a report issued to all councillors on November 15.

Normally the Council seeks to progress such projects on a consensus basis following consultation. However, if there is not unanimous approval it can be put to a vote seeking majority support. The issue is expected to come before the November monthly meeting of the Council which is scheduled for this morning, November 25 at 11am.

The issue of the lengthy housing waiting list, the delays in providing new homes, the duration of the design and planning process and the impact of homelessness on children and families has dominated debates at Council meetings all year.

Over 40 other households and residents are opposing these 6 new houses planned to be built on .19 hectares at Ballycullenbeg in Mountmellick. The houses would be accessed of the R422 road in the town via Kirwan Park and Silverwood estates.

A variety of reasons for opposing the new houses are put forward by the residents from the neighbouring houses including the reduction of green space, the impact on the market value of their homes, that the proposed design is unsuitable, health and safety, social impact and inadequate sewerage system. The objections were all placed with the Council back in September at the time of the public consultation process.

Setting out their objectives the local authority management state that the houses provide for the delivery of much needed new homes in Mountmellick and that the provision of such housing is a key objective of the local authority’s Development Plan 2017 to 2023.

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