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Portlaoise Hospital Action Committee releases open letter to voters ahead of General Election

Midlands Regional Hospital Portlaoise
Midlands Regional Hospital Portlaoise

General Election 2020 is just four days away and one ongoing issue in the Laois-Offaly Constituency is the Midlands Regional Hospital Portlaoise.

The Portlaoise Hospital Action Committee has released an open letter to the voters of Laois-Offaly Constituency.

“Dear Voter,

“The future of the Midlands Regional Hospital Portlaoise was a key issue in this constituency in the 2016 General Election.

“That it is still an issue going into the General Election in 2020 is a disgrace and a damning indictment of our politician’s inaction over these past four years.

You, the voters, have stood by MRHP and have supported the hospital and the retention of it’s full range of services.

“You have fund-raised, you have campaigned, you have marched and you have let your voices be heard on behalf of the hospital.

“We ask you now, one more time, to make your support for the Midlands Regional Hospital Portlaoise emphatically known.

“Over the next week politicians of all parties and none will be knocking on your doors and canvassing your vote.

“Many have given promises in recent weeks but pardon us for being cynical.

“We earnestly request you to let each and every candidate know that the full retention of services at the hospital is a red-line issue for this constituency and that you, the voters, will hold our elected officials to account for their actions or inactions as the case may be.

“With your support this will be the last election where the future of our hospital will be an issue. Vote for actions, not promises!

“Thank you,

Portlaoise Hospital Action Committee.”

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