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2020 Remembered: Colm Parkinson issues apology to Eddie Brennan and Laois GAA over off the record interview

In November, Colm Parkinson’s GAA Hour mistakingly aired an off the record chat with Eddie Brennan which caused quite a stir.

Joe.ie GAA Hour host Colm Parkinson has issued an apology to both Eddie Brennan and Laois GAA over the airing of an off the record chat between himself and the Laois hurling manager on Monday.

The candid exchange involved Brennan being highly critical of the workings of the County Board and also specifically towards some individual members.

Up to now, none of Laois GAA, Eddie Brennan or Joe.ie had addressed the matter publicly since.

However, speaking at the start of today’s episode, Portlaoise host Parkinson issued the following apology.

Parkinson said: “Before we start the show today I want to apologise publicly to Eddie Brennan.

“I have apologised to him many times in private since the show made that terrible mistake on Monday.

“I have done hundreds of interviews on the show over the last four and a half years and nothing like that has ever happened before.

“Managers and players know that when they come on the show they will be treated with respect and that didn’t happen on Monday and we have to take responsibility for that.

“I also want to apologise to the Laois County Board. The idea that Laois GAA has been put in the spotlight all this week because of a mistake made on my show makes me sick to my stomach if I’m being honest.

“Eddie Brennan is a brilliant manager and he is clearly a player’s manager and Laois GAA are very, very lucky to have him.”

It comes after we revealed that Laois GAA officials are set to meet county hurling manager Eddie Brennan early next week following his controversial comments.

The Laois GAA executive met on Wednesday night where they discussed at length Brennan’s highly-critical but off-the-record remarks.

It is understood that Brennan has made contact and apologised to members of the board and that a meeting has been set for next week.

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