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Local sports club team up with suicide prevention group to urge members to complete online training programme

The IRFU’s Su Carty with former Ireland Internationals Alan Quinlan, Bernard Jackman and Tania Rosser at the launch of Ohana ZERO Suicide in December

Portarlington Rugby Club, in conjunction with Ohana ZERO Suicide, are asking their players, coaches and members to make the most of the current lockdown by completing a 30-minute free online suicide prevention training programme.

They are also asking other clubs to join them and to nominate further clubs to promote this potentially life saving initiative. 

Studies are showing that the incidence of suicide is significantly higher during periods of lockdown and with a ban on training at the moment it is an ideal time to roll this out as Portarlington’s Barry Lambkin explains.

“The training that Ohana ZERO Suicide provide is like CPR for mental health,” says Barry. 

Everyone should do it and have the skills that they need should someone in their life need their help at a critical moment. The training is very enjoyable and highly interactive.

“It runs you through various scenarios with professional advice on seeing the signs, asking the right questions and taking the next step to get the right help in each case.

“We aren’t able to train in the gym or on the pitch at the moment and so it’s a great time to acquire these skills and be there for a team mate, friend, family member or colleague if they seem to be struggling”. 

There is no cost for the training and it can be completed in one sitting or it can be paused and returned to later.

Participants are issued with a digital certificate and clubs are asking their members to post a screenshot of their cert on social media and challenge their friends to complete the training and spread the word.

They are also asking that you tag Ohana ZERO Suicide so that they can acknowledge your commitment. 

We all have the time to do this and we all want to be able to help a loved one who might be contemplating suicide. All you have to do is visit www.ohana.ie and follow the simple instructions. 

As their tagline says “Show you care. Ask the question. Make the call”. 

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