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Midlands neurological charities come together to launch joint event for Brain Awareness Week 2021

The Midlands offices of Epilepsy Ireland, the Migraine Association of Ireland, Acquired Brain Injury Ireland and the Multiple Sclerosis Society of Ireland have announced details of a week-long series of seminars to support people across the Midlands who are living with neurological conditions.

The series of events coincides with Brain Awareness Week which takes place from March 15-21.

Brain Awareness Week is a national campaign aimed at promoting greater awareness and understanding of the brain and brain conditions, the 800,000 people living with a neurological condition in Ireland today, and the specialist services that support them.

To mark the week, the local Midlands officers of each organisation – Cliona Molloy (Epilepsy Ireland), Sadhbh Armstrong (Migraine Association of Ireland), Martin Nunan (Acquired Brain Injury Ireland) and Mary Leonard (Multiple Sclerosis Society of Ireland) – have come together to programme a wide range of talks and seminars presented by some of the country’s leading experts in areas such as mental health, physical therapy and psychology.

The seminars will all take place remotely online or by Zoom and they are free to attend.

Speaking on the behalf of the group, Cliona Molloy explained the rationale behind the event.

She said: “Throughout the pandemic, all our organisations have continued to support people with neurological conditions across the country.

“We know these are challenging times and that stresses and anxieties are at an all-time high amongst the general public – but this is particularly so amongst those living with long-term health conditions.

“Our series of seminars throughout Brain Awareness week will feature presentations from leading experts on a number of different subjects such as managing emotional wellbeing and stress; developing diet & exercise routines; and how a person can take control in the management of their own condition.

“All of the events, when taken as one, are aimed at helping a person build Brain Health while living with a neurological condition.”

One seminar hosted each evening at 7pm.

Registration is open now and further information can be found on each organisation’s website –  www.epilepsy.iewww.migraine.iewww.abiireland.ie and www.ms-society.ie.

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