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Trilogy Triathlon Club launch 100km ‘We Care’ challenge for month of June.

Trilogy Triathlon Club

Trilogy Triathlon Club are launching a nationwide campaign this week as they work in conjunction with Pop Up Races and Eventmaster to host their virtual 100km in June fundraiser.

As club chairman Niall Kavanagh reminds us, “In January it felt like society was stuck in an endless lockdown, so the club decided to bring some hope back to its members and embrace the sense of community that had felt somewhat absent over these difficult months.”

Trilogy are a small triathlon club with an ethos based on inclusion, within the parameters of the sport.

As a result of this vision, the club boasts a 50/50 split of male and female members. It is important to the committee that the virtual challenge would be something for everyone.

In June last year the club raised a magnificent amount of €7,500 for the Jamie Wants to Walk Campaign in just a few short weeks.

This year they are hoping to build on the knowledge and experience from last year and take the ‘We Care’ campaign to a different level.

The ‘We Care’ campaign’s premise is simple; run, walk, jog or cycle 100km in the month of June.

100km target

To ensure that the distance is achievable for all, and taking into consideration the benefactors of the money raised, the 100km can be completed as an individual, a couple, with friends or even a family.

To break it down, for example, a family of four who sign up for the June challenge who all go for a 5km walk can add their kilometres together, so they have completed 20km as a family.

To reach their 100km target they would simply have to complete five 5km walks in the month of June as a family unit.

Who are Trilogy raising money for? First up it is Family Carers Ireland. The club want to acknowledge the hard work family carers have provided to loved ones and family members during the pandemic.

The organisers ask you to step up to the challenge and show these wonderful group of people that we are all grateful for the enormous contribution they give to our society.

Family Carers Ireland

The Family Carers Ireland tag line is simply ‘No one should have to care alone’. This was not always the case during the toughest times during the pandemic. Now is their time to shine! Now is the time to thank this incredible group of people and let them know, WE CARE!

Family Carers Ireland is the national charity supporting the 500,000 family carers across the country who care for loved ones such as children or adults with physical or intellectual disabilities, frail older people, those with palliative care needs, or those living with chronic illnesses, mental ill-health or addiction.

Family Carers Ireland provide essential services such as support groups, education and training, respite in the home and counselling services.

Trilogy are a Laois-based club so their second benefactor is local, the Le Chéile ASD classes in Portlaoise Educate Together NS.

The parents/guardians of many of the children attending these classes are also classed as family carers.

Portlaoise Educate Together were the first school in Portlaoise to open ASD classes in 2013.

The official opening of their purpose built Le Chéile extension took place in 2018. This consists of two classrooms, individual work stations, group work areas, in addition to a multi-sensory room and a soft-play exercise and physical activity area.

These areas need to be continuously resourced to ensure that the 12 children and six staff can utilise these facilities to their full potential. Essential equipment including furniture, safety padding, multi-sensory equipment and physical education resources are currently required.

To sign up?

So how do you sign up? Go to www.popupraces.ie or visit their Facebook page and you can register to take part for €15.

The club are also thrilled to announce that they have received a generous sponsorship from Laois Sports Partnership in order to create special technical t-shirts for the event.

These are an optional purchase and can be bought for an extra €10 at checkout. The club want to emphasise that all donations will be going to the national and local beneficiaries.

Pam Grogan, PRO for Trilogy, said: “We are super excited as a club to launch our campaign.

“Covid has hit everyone hard, including the sporting community. We feel this way we are getting our club members and the wider community healthy and active and also generating huge awareness around the vital roles that family carers provide for our society.”


Trilogy invite you in June to send photos to their Facebook, Instagram and Twitter pages and create a heart with your hands and use the hashtag #wecare.

They want to celebrate the progress everyone is making on their 100k journey.

All information regarding the event can be found through Laois Sports Partnership, Pop Up Races, Family Carers Ireland, Portlaoise Educate Together NS and Trilogy Triathlon Club social media and website pages.

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