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Andrew McDonald: How hypnotherapy can help you


Hypnotherapy is powerful. Don’t take my word for it, research it online for yourself. There is a huge amount of good scientific evidence to demonstrate the effectiveness of hypnosis as a treatment.

Actually, perhaps a better way of putting it would be the subconscious mind is positively herculean compared to the conscious state.

By communicating with the former, hypnotherapy uses your own incredible strength and willpower to bring positive changes which quite literally change your life.

Maybe the strongest example is when someone is suffering an addiction. Addictive behaviour is habitual.

Smoking tobacco, drinking, at least if you struggle with alcohol, overeating the wrong foods, very few of these involve conscious effort.

If you’re a smoker, I guarantee you’ve experienced the phenomena of finding yourself sucking on a cigarette and not knowing how it found its way to your mouth. The same with supping on a pint or gorging on chocolate.

That’s because your subconscious mind takes over when performing habits and that is a major reason why it’s so hard to stop.

Your conscious wants to quit but hasn’t communicated this desire to your subconscious.

Hypnotherapy is arguably the most effective way of doing that, getting the two parts of your mind to talk to each other so what you consciously want to do becomes subconscious habit.

From this idea we can easily understand why hypnotherapy is also hugely beneficial to people who want to lose weight, and perhaps most importantly keep those pounds off. Eating is habitual.

Consuming poor quality, fattening foods is a habit. Your conscious mind might want you to be slimmer but if your subconscious doesn’t know this, you’re basically going to war with yourself.

The same concept applies to exercise. Finding the motivation to start running, cycling, swimming or doing another vigorous activity and the commitment to keep going is tough.

Particularly in this country where we’re blessed with some pretty miserable weather at times. Again, you need your subconscious fighting in your corner and, to do this, you need to talk to it.

Other areas of life which people struggle with are also habitual. Stress, although often caused by external factors, is something we can learn to deal with more effectively. Typically, this involves developing more objective thinking patterns.

The problem is we need to do this habitually, automatically, for it to have the best effect. Sleep is the same.

The way we view bedtime, how we prepare ourselves for bed and our thought processes when our heads are on the pillow are deeply habitual.

Hypnotherapy offers huge life benefits in a massive variety of ways.

Far too many to list here. The most important thing to know is that it works by getting your conscious mind to communicate with your far more powerful subconscious.

From there, desires become habits and change is then natural and infinitely easier. Your subconscious wants to help you, you just need to tell it what you want.

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Andrew McDonald is a copywriter who helps businesses with creating promotional content to increase their reputation and sales. His website is www.andrewmcdonald.biz and he can be contacted at 089 972 2991. Andrew also works as a hypnotherapist and mind coach and is contactable at the same number for these services.