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Clonaslee family build on compassion with cycle challenge

A Birmingham-based family with strong Clonaslee connections have organised a cycling challenge from Birmingham to Clonaslee this weekend in memory of their 30-year-old brother, a construction worker who died after suffering numerous mental health difficulties during most of his adult life.

Christy Lambe is buried in Clonaslee where his memory will be celebrated by the Christy Lambe Foundation which was spearheaded by his brother, Michael, managing director of the family business, M. Lambe Construction in Birmingham and founded by the whole family.

The charity aims to raise £50,000 through ‘Cycle for Christy’ which it said, is both a physical challenge and a heartfelt tribute.

Twenty-six cyclists from Birmingham will take part in the cycle which will start on Saturday, July 6 and finish on the second anniversary of Christy’s death,Tuesday, July 9.

Michael Lambe said the business was founded by their grandfather, Mick Lambe, who was born and reared in Clonaslee. It was then taken over by their father, also Mick Lambe.

It is now run by the three surviving Lambe sons. They still have uncles and aunts in the area and return many times a year to stay in the family home in Brittas.

Christy said that  was the youngest of four boys and worked in the family construction business.

“He was a single man and had a great group of friends. Christy was kind and giving, always finding ways to help people.

“When he passed, the family discovered many people he had helped, such as by paying for their therapy sessions and being there through their own struggles.

“Christy’s death was a shock to the family. Despite struggling with mental health, he had always sought out support and tried various therapies,” said Michael.

“Quite soon after the loss of Christy, the family felt a need to act after finding out how many people Christy had been helping. They wanted to continue the work.

“The Christy Lambe Foundation supports men in the construction industry with their mental health, homelessness in Birmingham and seeking employment.”

This is the first sponsored cycle organised by the foundation and participants will attend Christy’s anniversary Mass in St Manman’s Church, Clonaslee on Wednesday, July 10 at 9.30am.

After the loss of Christy, the company has focused on its employees’ wellbeing and has changed its whole working practices, according to Michael.

Over the years M. Lambe Construction has employed many Laois people and has been a support network for those who have chosen Birmingham for work or to live permanently.

This is the foundation’s largest sponsorship event this year and it is determined to hit its target of £28,000 so there is some way to go yet, Michael said.


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