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Sharp decline in new car sales in June, down 50% nationally and down 64% in Laois

New Car Sales Laois

The number of new car sales in Laois saw another sharp decline in June, dropping by 64% compared to the same month in 2023, according to figures released by the Society for the Irish Motor Industry (SIMI).

Just eight new cars were recorded as sold here in June compared to the 22 sold 12 months ago.

That 64% decline follows on from the 48% decline seen in May, and is considerably higher than the national figure for June.

That number, however, is no less startling as June saw a 50% decline in new car sales nationwide.

There were a total of 1,491 new cars sold in Ireland in May 2024, down from 2,990 sold in the same month last year.

June is the fourth month in a row to show a national decline – the only four months since Covid that there has been a drop in car sales across Ireland.

Electric cars were the most popular choice in Laois during June, overtaking petrol and diesel for the first time this year.

The same trend is seen nationwide, where Electric cars significantly outperformed petrol and diesel, with Petrol Electric Hybrids also leapfrogging traditional engine types as the second-most popular choice in the country.

Despite these seemingly impressive numbers, there is a strange quirk that goes along with them: Electric car sales were actually down 73% in Laois compared to June 2023, and down 52% nationwide.

Light Commercial Vehicle (LCV) sales declined by 36% nationally compared to June last year, while Heavy Goods Vehicles (HGVs) registrations are down 1.6%.

June saw 5,165 Imported Used Cars (IUCs), up 22% from the 4,228 in June 2023.

SIMI Director General Brian Cooke commented: “Following four consecutive months of decline, new car registrations for the first half of the year stand at 78,942 units, a marginal increase on 2023.

“Both light and heavy commercial vehicles registrations saw a decline in sales for the month of June, but the activity remains strong in the commercial fleet.

“New electric car registrations continue to experience a decline in sales, with June registrations falling by 52% to 692 units.

Electric car charging

“From January to June, a total of 10,747 new electric cars were registered, marking a 25% decrease from the same period the previous year.

“The decline in the new EV car market continues to highlight the need for Government to support the EV transition, with ways to incentivise the market for both private and company car buyers.

“Extending consumer incentives and Benefit-in-Kind support, along with investment in charging infrastructure will build consumer and business confidence and encourage uptake.

“Retailers remain optimistic as we enter the 242-registration plate sales period, and with new models coming to the market along with variety of attractive offers are positive that this will help to boost sales activity in July, the second busiest month for new car sales.”

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