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Fit with Brid: Some helpful tips to help you get through Christmas without

At any other time of the year a week off (or a couple of days for some poor unfortunates) would be the most relaxing thing ever. Yet Christmas week has the ability to leave many people majorly stressed and depressed.

Nice and all as it is to make a few extra bob in January (as a result of the many new year resolutions that become memberships of my online course) I’m going to share a few tips for the party season that might help you to not end up with the post-Christmas blues and a half stone to boot.

  • The food is not going to run out. Try eating some of the things on all of the days or all of the things on some of the days but eating all of the things on all of the days does not a happy January make.


  • Festive drinks are all well and good but if you’re not fantastic at knowing the one that’s one too many then there are always the inevitable couple of dark days over Christmas. Take breaks and make some day-time plans if you’re under pressure to catch up with everyone (although your friends will still be your friends in January so give yourself a break and don’t try to do too much).


  • You need to get away from your beloved family every day for a little while. Walk, run, swim, yoga, whatever it is that stops you from wanting to say things that you might later regret, do it. If you’re a mother it’s the perfect time take advantage of all of the extra family members who are capable of babysitting.

There are lots of activities going on around the county over Christmas – and the LaoisToday team tell me they are going to list them all in due course. Hope to see lots of you out and about and keeping active this Christmas.

If any of my female readers are looking for help getting fit and healthy in 2018 then check out my 6-Week Online Slim-Down which is starting on January 8.  

Hope it’s a happy one for you and yours.

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