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Leaving Cert Diary: Relief at finishing, throwing shapes in Carlow and turning hay

Donal Kaye

That’s all folks. All exams are now completed for all students and I’ve never experienced relief like this before.

The most surprising thing about being finished is the relentless sunshine, something that is due to continue. I can finally enjoy this sun guilt free without peering in the window, looking at mounds of books calling me back inside.

Ag Science was on Monday last, which I was well prepared for. The exam itself wasn’t too tough and most students got on well.

Accounting students couldn’t hide their disbelief when a question that hadn’t been seen on an exam in 12 years made an appearance.

With Ag science completed, I only had music left on this day last week. As I opened the listening part of the paper, I thanked God that practical accounts for 50% of my overall grade.

As Tchaikovsky’s ‘’Romeo and Juliet Fantasy Overture’’ began to play, I questioned the music curriculum. If the paper was based on the music of Oasis or The Stone Roses, a H1 would have been a cert.

The worst set work on the music paper is by far and away Gerald Barry’s ‘’Piano Quartet No.1’’, which I can only describe as the opposite of music. For those who have not heard it, it’s probably best not to listen to it.

Queen’s ‘’Bohemian Rhapsody’’ is the most enjoyable, often described as ‘’ the best song of all time’’.

Fortunately for the music class in Knockbeg, our teacher was kind enough to take time out of her busy schedule on the Wednesday before the exam to help us prepare for the exam.

Free from the clutches of the SEC, I decided the best way to celebrate was to head to Carlow and dance the night away.

Unfortunately, the music curriculum does not help one to develop their dancing skills so many dodgy shapes were thrown.

It seemed as though me head had just hit the pillow on Friday morning before I heard the shouts of my father as he exclaimed ‘’There’s hay to be turned out here.’’

As I sat in the unbearable heat in the tractor, watching clouds of pollen fly around through my swollen eyes, I spared a thought for students doing religion, Italian or Applied Maths as they missed out on the celebrations the night before.

However, the summer is well and truly here now. I’m sure the leaving cert students of 2018 will make the most of it. Now I must leave the laptop and literally ‘’make hay while the sun shines’.

All the best,

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Donal Kaye is from Ballylinan and is a Leaving Cert student in Knockbeg College