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Road repairs in Ballyroan and safety measures in Cullenagh


A number of issues surrounding road repairs and safety issues in the Portlaoise municipal district area came up at this month’s meeting.

Councillor Mary Sweeney raised the issues, which included a notice of motion to repair the road at Ballyruin, Ballyroan.

“I realise it’s a bit soon to be asking again but the entrance is in a bad condition again,” said cllr Sweeney.

Senior engineer Wes Wilkinson responded to her motion, saying: “Road repairs were carried out in Ballyruin Lane in early 2018 – we will investigate this road again and carry out any necessary repairs.”

No rumble strips for Ballyroan 

“It is not appropriate to install rumble strips in an urban area due to nuisance road noise for residents living close by.”

This was the response received when asked about installing the strips to the new pedestrian crossing in Ballyroan.

Cllr Mary Sweeney asked for, ‘a bit of advance warning’ for drivers approaching the pedestrian crossing, as it is, ‘new and the first crossing in the area’.

“Advance warning signs will be put in place on the three approach roads to the new pedestrian crossing in Ballyroan.

“Road markings in the area will also be refreshed following the works,” said senior engineer Wes Wilkinson.

Cllr Caroline Dwane Stanley seconded the motion.

Safety measures at Cullenagh 

New safety measures could be introduced at Cullenagh.

Cllr Mary Sweeney raised the motion for the measures, stating: “This road is currently of concern to residents with speeding traffic and no signage in place.”

Senior engineer in Laois County Council Wes Wilkinson and cllr Sweeney visited the site on Wednesday morning to see what measures could be implemented.

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