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Beautiful trail in Laois village a victim of environmental vandalism

A disgusting act has been committed in the beautiful village of Durrow yesterday evening (January 13).

Pictures posted by the Facebook page ‘Durrow Laois Ireland’ show several rubbish bags dumped in the woods.

“Would The person that dumped rubbish on the Leafy Loop Walk Entrance to woods at the top of The Ballagh remove it before we notify authorities” was written on the Facebook post.

Apparently an envelope with the culprits name on it was found in one of the bags.

If the person responsible does not come forward and remove the rubbish the authorities will be notified.

The people of Durrow are calling for the council to be notified immediately on the incident.

Durrow came second in their category and fourth overall in the Laois Tidy Towns awards last year.

Heinous acts such as this one can ruin a town that has worked hard to keep itself beautiful and clean.

With an environmental crisis on our hands also this is completely ignorant of the person(s) responsible.

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