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Peter Ormond eliminated following 7th Count in Laois-Offaly but still no second election

Peter Ormond

He was tipped by many to win a seat before the election – but Peter Ormand is out of the race in Laois-Offaly.

The Fianna Fail Cllr has been eliminated following the seventh count that saw the distribution of Ken Smollen’s votes.

Ormond got less of these than the next lowest candidate John Leahy and has been eliminated as a result.

Once again, nobody has reached the quota but we may see Barry Cowen or Sean Fleming get over the line in the next hour.

Carol Nolan is the big gainer again as she has jumped up above Charlie Flanagan into fourth place.

We will now begin the eight count where the redistribution of Peter Ormond’s votes will begin.

The state of play after the 7th count

  1. Brian Stanley (Sinn Fein) – 16,654, ELECTED on the 1st Count
  2. Sean Fleming (Fianna Fail) – 9,835 (+99)
  3. Barry Cowen (Fianna Fail) – 9,698 (+456)
  4. Carol Nolan (Independent) – 8,353 (+1,244)
  5. Charlie Flanagan (Fine Gael) – 8,287 (+84)
  6. Pippa Hackett (Green) – 5,811 (+568)
  7. Marcella Corcoran-Kennedy (Fine Gael) – 4,917 (+134)
  8. John Leahy (Independent) – 4,821 (+629)
  9. Peter Ormond (Fianna Fail) – 4,449 (+89) – Eliminated
  10. Ken Smollen (Irish Democratic Party) – 3,941 – Eliminated
  11. Noel Tuohy (Labour) – 3,190 – Eliminated
  12. Stephen Tynan (People Before Profit) – 2,273 – Eliminated
  13. Pauline Flanagan (Fianna Fail) – 1,874 – Eliminated
  14. John Daly (Irish National Party) – 557 – Eliminated
  15. Noel O’Rourke (Renua) – 356 – Eliminated

Quota – 11,571

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