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Moment in Time: A day in school in Camross NS in 2001

These old school photographs never fail to disappoint.

Alf Harvey’s trip to Camross NS in March 2001 certainly yielded some wonderful images.

Smiling faces, games of chess and a just a general happy atmosphere greeted him that morning.

And that was before they went out playing hurling at all.

Teacher Talitha Horan is there and 18 years later, she is now the principal in the school.

Watch out for the 2018 Laois senior hurler of the year Ciaran Collier who is among the many familiar faces who make an appearance.

Check out all of the pictures below:

Ger Dooley and the bell man Ray Delaney in 6th class finishing lunch. Photo: Alf Harvey.
Happy people in 5th class..Martin Burke and Niamh Conroy. Photo: Alf Harvey.
Busy man – Thomas Phelan in 5th class. Photo: Alf Harvey.
Pals in 5th class – Orla Tynan and Frances Conroy. Photo: Alf Harvey.
Chess men and teacher…Benny Kuhnle and Richard Drennan in 6th class with teacher and principal Ms Mary McCarthy. Photo: Alf Harvey.
Teacher Ms Talitha Horan with Matthew Doley, Amiee Leahy and Tim Conroy in 3rd class. Photo: Alf Harvey.
David Conroy, Gemma Mooney, Shane Delaney and Grace Brickley in 1st class. Photo: Alf Harvey.
Teacher Ms Betty Cordial with some of her 2nd class, Steven Williams, Cl’odhna Bennett, James Conroy and Tomas Brickley. Photo: Alf Harvey.
All smiles from these senior infants. Photo: Alf Harvey.
The twins in senior infants…Craig and Daniel Delaney. Photo: Alf Harvey.
Teacher Ms Rita Keenan with all her junior infants.
Photo: Alf Harvey.
Peep…as senior infant Ciaran Collier spots the photographer ariving at Camross N.S. Photo: Alf Harvey.

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