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Tips for keeping your home safe as burglaries occur every 31 minutes

A house in Ireland gets burgled every 31 minutes – so say alarm company PhoneWatch.

The company has provided seven tips for helping to ensure that your or someone you love does not become the victim of these crimes.

A spokesperson said: “After spending four months in the safety of our homes, now is the time to reunite with friends and family and begin to rebuild our daily routines.

“With the excitement of the new normal, can come anxiety and anticipation as we leave the comfort of our safety bubble, our home.

“With a burglary taking place every 31 minutes in Ireland, PhoneWatch, Ireland’s leading provider of monitored home safety systems, wants to share some simple tips that will ensure you feel confident and comfortable transitioning into the new way of living.

“Created by PhoneWatch experts, the summer security tips are designed to ensure our homes stay safe this season.”

1- Secure your outdoor valuables: Make sure garden equipment or bicycles are secured in a shed or garage, and kept out of sight where possible

2 – Close gates: Make a habit of closing gates, especially those leading to the rear of the home

3 – Maintain your garden: Cut the grass before you go away, overgrown grass can make a house look empty. Also, prune trees and shrubs that may grow more quickly in the summer for clearer views, large bushes can act as cover for anyone who may be watching a home

4- Don’t advertise your trips on social media: Keep those photos of your days out and staycations until you return home

5 – Leave a light on: Timer switches for lamps can provide a cost-effective way to keep your home looking occupied if you are gone over night

6 – Arm your alarm: If your home is equipped with an alarm, be sure and use it. Research shows that an alarm is one of the most effective ways to keep your home safe

7 – When going away, nominate a next-door neighbour: An important tip for keeping your home safe is “maintaining an appearance” that your home is occupied. A neighbour or family member can help you keep your house look occupied by keeping post or deliveries clear from the letter box, parking a car in the driveway for a few hours, putting the bins out and taking them in on the same day and acting as the nominated key holder to your monitored alarm provider

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