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Moment in Time: Halloween fun and games in Scoil Bhríde Portlaoise in 2008

This week’s Moment in Time has brought us back to 2008.

Alf Harvey paid a visit to Scoil Bhríde Portlaoise, where Halloween festivities were in full swing amongst students and staff.

The original Scoil Bhríde building has since been replaced, but photos like these are a testament to the great times many had there.

The kids in these pictures are now on the home straight of the second level education – some are possibly even finished.

And sadly, the principal at the time, Mr Ted Laffey has since passed away. 

Check out the great shots below and let the memories come flooding back.

No doubt there are many recognisable faces.

Principal Mr. Laffey on his rounds.
Halloween time in Mr. Mulligan’s class.
Thomas O’Connor and Roisin Barrett in 6th class.
Break time in 6th class.
Lunch time for Migle Rastenyte and Dovine Grebliauskaite in 6th class.
Lunch time for these pupils in 6th class.
Birdwatching.Jessica Mason McCormack and Jack Birrane.
Ola Skalska.
Mrs. Maureen Culliton with basketballers.
Julia Struck and Kate Corrigan.
Picture: Alf Harvey.Busy at work.
Sarah Louise Guilfoyle, Alyssia Atekha, Daniel Whelan and Katelyn Graham.
Pupils with some of the Pumpkin Masks made.
Posing for the camera.
Bradley Adejumo.
Rebecca Heffernan,
Dylan O’Brien.
Eric Sutton.
Christopher O’Connor having fun at O’che Shamhna Dancing.
Having fun at Oiche Shamhna Dancing.
Getting ready for Halloween.
Tiffney, Nicola and Zdenka.
Ms. Wall’s 4th class getting ready for Halloween.
Jennifer Moylan and Victory Okpara in Mrs. Thompson’s 3rd class.
Getting ready for Halloween.
Deputy Principal Ms. Wall Coughlan at Scoil BHride, Portlaoise.
Picture: Alf Harvey.
Angy Kamulete.
Cillian Friel and Matthew Heffernan.
Ramona Miltovica.
Dennis Belov.
Having fun in junior infants.
Busy at work.
Areej Alawad and Esther Davis.
John O’Shea.
Ethan Doody.
Isabelle Dunne and Khalid Ismail.
Sam Birrane, Sintija Vaiciulionyte and Annan Ren.
Finna Cadogan and Anastasija Korkota.
Chantelle Greene and Viktoria Rezmuves.
Having fun.
Alisha McGregor and Daniel Adeoye.
Kyle Walsh.
Gabrielius Majauskas and Weston Hozobhie.
Music time in third class
Ruairi Lewis.

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