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‘Disturbed’ ten days of weather ahead as ‘numerous Atlantic storms’ to strike

Haven’t we suffered enough?

Well, apparently not as now a local forecaster is predicting some rather nasty weather to head our way over the coming 10 days.

Offaly native Cathal Nolan predicted the bleak looking forecast on his Facebook page – Ireland’s Weather Channel.

According to Mr Nolan, we are facing into a period of very disturbed weather rolling in from the Atlantic.

He said: “Our weather looks set to become very disturbed over the coming 7-10 days as numerous deep Atlantic storm depression are expected to develop throughout the east Atlantic.

“The current trajectory of these storms, guided by a very powerful jet stream, are expected to lead to some significant impacts across the country.

“A number of powerful storms are expected to bring gales or severe gales at times across many Atlantic coastal areas.

“These storms are likely to lead to some disruption to power services, as well as causing some flooding issues due to heavy rain.

“Rainfall totals over the coming 10 days will be well above average for the time of year.

“Coastal flooding is also likely to become an issue also, though today’s scenes in Cork are unlikely to be repeated in the next 7-10 days due to much lower tides.

“However, some large sea swells are expected and all water based activists should consult with sea area forecasts before taking to the water.

“I will keep you posted on the development of these projected storms over the coming days.”

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