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Portarlington band The Hearty Boys release new song ‘Bobby Sands – My Hero Today’

Portarlington band The Hearty Boys have just released their latest song and video called ‘Bobby Sands, My Hero Today’.

The track began life in Golden Egg Studios in 2016 and has taken so many twists and turns since – and so many different versions – but they finally got there as Fran Harty explains.

“It’s hard to explain how one song can get finished in a matter of days yet this song has been in so many studios and so many different people and so many different arrangements.

“I think only that the 40th anniversary of Bobby Sands’ death was upon us that we said, ‘hey lads we have to finish this’.

“In the song we don’t mention Bobby Sands. We kind of left it open to one’s own interpretation of their hero.

“To some people their hero is their mam or dad or maybe a disabled child who gets up every morning with a smile on their face.

“We all go through difficult times in our lives and we all need somebody to inspire us when we need a lift and for me Bobby Sands show of determination, courage and sacrifice does it for me.”

You can follow the Hearty Boys on YouTube or Fran Hearty Music on Facebook.

Their latest album ‘11 Love Songs’ is only available on Apple Music with a link on the latest track.

You can watch the video of the song below on YouTube.

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