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Small Changes, Big Savings – How to cut costs and make savings in your thriving Food Business’ with Bláthnaid Bergin

As part of this year’s Local Enterprise Week, the hugely-experienced Bláthnaid Bergin is hosting a three-hour workshop on Thursday, March 9, in the Maldron Hotel in Portlaoise.

Bláthnaid is Director/Owner of the Business of Food and one of her roles is as a Business lecturer in the famed Ballymaloe Cookery School.

Though this workshop is aimed at the food industry, there are no doubt many lessons for all businesses.

With 25 years experience in the catering and hospitality industry, Bláthnaid Bergin is ideally placed to offer advice, support and results to food service operators in these challenging economic times.

Bláthnaid Bergin has assisted and enhanced a wide variety of hospitality businesses from caterers to cafes, from public houses to hotels, from delicatessans to sandwich bars. Her in-depth knowledge of food and food operations combined with her training skills ensures that all clients benefit from her advice and support.

The workshop is aimed at food service providers i.e. restaurant, café, pub, coffee shop and food truck owners.

During the three-hour practical interactive workshop, Blathnaid will address those small costs which can amount to very significant savings over the course of a financial year. The workshop will be interactive and include discussion, group activities and actions to take away.

In a time when businesses are facing an onslaught of rising costs from every direction, the need to cut costs and make savings can be an overwhelming task. Sometimes we concentrate on the big ticket items but in many cases it is the small – often invisible costs- that chip away relentlessly at the bottom line, that can fatally wound a business.

During this three-hour practical, interactive workshop, we will address those small costs which can amount to very significant savings over the course of a financial year.

At the end of this workshop you will have practical tips which can be immediately implemented in your business to save money and protect your bottom line.

  • We will investigate ‘Invisible Costs’ the kind of costs that go unnoticed unless a business has world class accounting controls.
  • Examine the root cause of Bottlenecks in your business be that in the kitchen or front of house by using the Lean Tool of asking Why.
  • We will discuss ways to remove those bottlenecks for a more efficient service and savings on labour cost.
  • Plate Waste is an ongoing cost to businesses and one of the biggest contributors across our industry to landfill. This is an unnecessary revealed during our workshop.
  • Cleaning Products: How much is your business spending on cleaning chemicals every month? Did you know that many can be replaced by truly environmentally ‘cheap as chips’ alternatives which can save your business thousands of euros annually
  • Labels/Plastic Gloves/Blue Roll/Toilet Paper – Learn how to save, save, save on all these items

Key Details

  • Date and Time: Thursday 9th March  2pm – 5pm
  • Location: Maldron Hotel Portlaoise
  • Cost: Free

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