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Dinner 2050: Future of Food in Ireland – Laois farmer stars in new one-hour food documentary

The premiere took place recently of ‘Dinner 2050: Future of Food in Ireland’ in UCD’s state of the art cinema, with a cocktail reception before the film showing.

The film is the creation of Wicklow Chef, Tadgh Byrne and Dublin Filmmaker, Max Barry.

‘Dinner 2050,’ narrated by Irish Celebrity Chef Catherine Fulvio,.is the first ever made about the future of food in Ireland.

The one-hour documentary explores how Ireland will eat in 2050, looking at issues such as:

  • how technology will change farming,
  • food security,
  • robot chefs,
  • drone deliveries,
  • sustainability in the food supply chain.

Loais Farmer Bobby Miller, Chairman of Irish Grain Growers Group features in the film about the Future of Irish Food, discussing possibilities for the tillage sector.

You can watch the trailer here.

Speaking on the reception so far to the film, Chef Tadgh Byrne has said:

“The fact that so many people with high-powered jobs have been willing to give up their time to be in the film and the many encouraging emails we have had, reminds me this is a very important project and I think it will be well received nationwide.”

Irish filmmaker Max Barry, who directed the film said: “When Tadgh came to me with the idea I was very excited to help develop the project.

“As supply issues, inflation, climate change and war in Europe continue to cause instability, how we will grow, process, market and eat our food in the future is something that needs to be highlighted.

“With this film, I hope to shed light on how food ends up on our plate in Ireland.”

The film features key figures from the Irish food industry including:

  • JP McMahon – Michelin Star Chef, Food Historian and Author
  • Bryce Evans – Food Historian , Author and Lecturer in Hope University Liverpool
  • Dolores O’Riardan – Director of UCD’s Institute of Food and Health
  • Cathy Curran – Communications Officer with National Dairy Council
  • Gillian Westbrook – CEO of Irish Organic Assoication
  • Gerry Boland – Animal rights Activist, Author and Founder of Animals Behind Closed
  • Anke Klitzing – Lecturer of Gastronomy at TU Dublin
  • Brian O’Toole – Wildacres Nature Reserve, Redcross, Co. Wicklow
  • Jennifer McConnell – Former Director of Irish Seed Savers
  • Niall Sabongi – Restaurateur and Owner of Sustainable Seafood Ireland
  • Ed Hanbridge – Hemp and Beef Farmer

“Food affects every single aspect of our lives,” Chef JP McMahon said.

“If we don’t look at the how, why and where our food is coming from, then we lose control of that food.”

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