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New television programme wants Laois households for latest show

RTÉ are looking for Laois households to take on a challenge which, will measure the impact your household is having on Planet Earth, across various different areas.

Participants will then be challenged to reduce and hit the target set by our scientists. If successful there is a reward of €2000 euro.

‘What Planet Are You On?’ is a factual reality series that shows people tackling the biggest issue of our time in their own homes.

It’s a real challenge, with choices at every turn, science provides the facts and what the participants do with that knowledge will determine their success or failure in hitting their target. Success gets a reward of €2000.

‘What Planet Are You On?’ takes the science behind climate change and using the established methods of calculation takes a forensic study of each of the three households.

Every detail of their lives will be looked at from things that have direct carbon impacts like energy usage and transport.

Also, things that have secondary impacts will also be examined such as the food they eat, how they deal with waste and water usage.

The show is being produced by Vision Independent Productions who make Operation Transformation and The Restaurant.

The show will be filmed in September and October 2019 and the producers are looking for three households who would like to take on the challenge.

Applications can be submitted through the following link here.

The closing date for applications is Friday, August 30, 2019

For further information contact 01 864 1444 or email whatplanetareyouon2019@gmail.com.

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